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Features of Yixin Construction ALC Board

1. Light weight: light bulk density, specific gravity of 550-625KG/m³, 1/4 of concrete, 1/3 of clay bricks, known as "concrete floating on water"

2. Fire resistance ALC board is a non-combustible inorganic material with good fire resistance. It is 3.23 hours for wallboard fire-resistant Polar Sun 100 thick plate; 150 thick plate> 4 hours; exceeding the first-class fire resistance standard;

3. Sound insulation: The material is a porous material composed of the largest and most uniform, non-connected small pores. It has good sound insulation. The average sound insulation of 100mm thick ALC board is 40. 8dB, 150 thick. The average sound of the ALC board is 45.8dB;

4. Seismic resistance: ALC sheet can adapt to the interlayer angle displacement, allowing the interlayer displacement angle to be 1/150, and reach 1/120 when using special points, and it will not be used when all the contacts are at 1/20 of the interlayer displacement angle It will cause the sheet to fall off;

5. Crack resistance: The sheet has a small shrinkage system after rust prevention treatment. The joints of the slab are treated with special adhesive and steel inserts. The joint design is scientific and dry construction is used to ensure that it does not crack.

6. Frost resistance: good frost resistance, mass loss <1.5% after freezing and thawing test (national standard <5>, strength loss <5% (national standard <20%);

7. Bearing capacity: cubic compressive strength≥4MPa, single-point hanging force≥1200N/24h•As a non-load-bearing maintenance structural material, it can fully meet the requirements of sheet bending, crack resistance and joint strength under various conditions of use , Is a kind of structural material of light and strong male protection;

8. Durability: ALC is an inorganic silicate material that is not aging and has good durability. Its service life can match the service life of various buildings;

9. Convenience: ALC plate production is standardized, standardized, and industrialized for installation, which can be sawed, cut, drilled, and dried, and the speed is fast;

10. Energy-saving: the board not only has a good Shanghai-keeping performance [入=0.13 (W/mk)]. It also has better

Thermal insulation performance [heat storage system failure S=2.75» (m2.k)] • When a reasonable thickness is used, it can be used not only in cold areas with high insulation requirements, but also in summer and winter with high insulation requirements In warm areas, meet the requirements of energy saving standards;

11. Environmental protection: no radioactivity, no harmful gases escape, it is a green environmental protection material;

12. Economical: reduce the basic cost, without plastering, you can directly scrape putty and spray paint

13. Versatility: It can be used as exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, roof panels, floor panels, decorative panels, etc., and can be used in concrete frame structures, steel structure houses, schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories and other buildings.





Address: No. 004, Alishan Road, Luanzhou Economic Development Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei Province